Masanori SAKAGUCHI(M.D., Ph.D. Principle Investigator)

I graduated Univ Tsukuba, Japan in 2001 and obtained M.D. I received training from Prof. Hideyuki Okano during my Ph. D. I worked at Keio University (as Assist. Prof.), Univ. Toronto (JSPS PD), and RIKEN (SPD). I was recruited as a co-PI with Prof. Takeshi Sakurai at the current institute from 2013. Since 2018, I became independent. My life work is to understand the mechanisms of the regenerative capacity of our brain and apply it for medicine. I like traveling, learning foreign languages and playing drums.




Mari Sakurai (Secretary)

Sakthivel Srinivasan(JSPS FPD)

I am Sakthivel Srinivasan, Post-Doctoral Fellow. Basically, I am from the interdisciplinary background. I did my masters in Biotechnology and Toxicology, Where I have worked in the field of Pharmacology. In my Ph.D., I have worked on the effect of stress in Central Nerves System and therapeutic approach, in the University of Madras, India. I have newly joined this group to study about adult-born neurons and neurobehavior. My current research focuses on memory consolidation, sleep and adult-born neurons. I am very much interested in light genetics/sleep science. My hobbies are playing cricket and cycling. I like to learn Japanese culture.

Toshie Naoi(Technical Staff)

To be annouced soon.

Pablo Ismael Vergara García(Ph.D. candidate)

To be annouced soon.

Iyo Koyanagi(Ph.D. candidate Thesis project)

Hello. My name is Iyo Koyanagi. I’m majoring in medical science in University of Tsukuba. Before I came this university, I had belonged to department of chemical engineering in National Institute of Technology, Nara Collage. In my former school days, I knew that good sleep may make human life happier, and became to want to learn about function of sleep more depth. So it is an honor to join this lab. I’ll do my best, and would like to get skills to be a unique scientist. I like listening a clear sound of trumpet, eating delicious foods, and talking with my friends! Thank you.

Ryunosuke Chiba(Ph.D. candidate)

I am a first year master candidate in Kansei, Behavioral, and Brain Sciences. I study the role of New born neurons of Dentate Gyrus of hippocampus in memory by using behavioral tasks in mice. Before I joined in this team, I have learned biology in the Ibaraki University, and studied genetics of Silkworm in Futahashi laboratory. The reason why I come here is that I am interested in the brain function for generation of consciousness, especially memory. I enjoy working in this lab, IIIS, University of Tsukuba. Tsukuba is a very good place which is international, full of nature, and very academic. During my free time, I enjoy watching Japanese Anime, reading fantasy novels, and searching something interesting in web or books.

Wang Yuteng(Master candidate)

I am from China, and I like exploring Nature because the future is here. Before I joined in this lab I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, at that time I pondered the question of how the memory formation and what the mechanisms in that, but I didn’t get an answer. Consequently, I am glad to have joined this lab, and I hope that one day I will be able to witnessing a penetrating analysis can expound the question. I like music,maybe because I’ve been learning piano since I was a child, and I am interested in Japanese culture.Thank you.

Jia-hui Yu(Master candidate)

Hello, everyone. I am Jiahui Yu, you can call me Jiahui or Cathy, which I think is easier to remember. I completed my Bachelor’s degree at Jilin University in China. Before touching neuroscience, I had never imagined that the world in my eyes could have such a huge change. Everything here is trying to describe the nature and mechanism under the memory and cognition for you. These novel insights and bold conjectures absorb me so much that I cannot remove my eyes. I am very glad to have an opportunity to come to this lab. I would like to explore the mechanism underlying the integration of adult-born neurons into a pre-existing network from the aspect of the neuron circuit. I like outdoor activities, and if you have the same interest, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Takuma Hosokawa(collaborator)

To be annouced soon.

PeiHsi Wu(Research Student)

I’m a medical doctor from Taiwan. This is my third visit to the Sakaguchi lab in five years. After graduating from medical school, I decided to take a year off to further indulge myself in the field of neuroscience before pursuing my career. Neurology has always been an intriguing and exciting subject to me, especially the seemingly abstract concept of memory are able to be visualized microscopically and even engineered using various technique. I look forward to learning more in depth along the way.