Welcome to our cutting-edge lab at the University of Tsukuba's International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine. Since 2018, our mission has focused on two key areas: understanding memory consolidation during sleep and exploring fear memory relearning through sound. Using advanced techniques like neuronal imaging and behavioral analysis, we delve into the intricacies of memory consolidation. By studying adult-born neurons and their activity during sleep, we uncover groundbreaking insights. Our research holds promise for preventing and treating diseases by advancing our understanding of sleep-related memory processes. Additionally, we investigate the fascinating phenomenon of fear memory relearning, specifically induced by sound. Join us on this captivating journey as we unravel the secrets of memory consolidation, adult-born neurons, and the impact of sound. Together, we can make transformative strides in mental health.

Our lab is a diverse community of researchers from India, China, Thailand, Chile, France, England, Egypt, Taiwan, and Japan, united in our pursuit of neuroscience research. We delve into the fascinating realms of memory consolidation during sleep and fear memory relearning induced by sound. Located at the University of Tsukuba in the greater Tokyo area, our lab provides an ideal setting for cutting-edge neuroscience investigations. We emphasize the importance of English proficiency, encouraging all members, including Japanese students, to converse in English. Financial support is available to eligible students and short-term visitors, ensuring they can fully devote themselves to their research endeavors. Our dedicated administrative team is on hand to assist international members, offering guidance and support as they navigate life in Japan. Join our lab, where neuroscience research thrives, English conversation is embraced, financial support is available, and a supportive community propels you towards academic excellence.

We are actively seeking highly motivated individuals for internship or full-time postdoctoral positions in our lab, with a strong focus on biology-related scientific disciplines. We seek individuals who can bring their specialized training and skills to contribute to our research endeavors. To support our talented team members, we offer the possibility of financial assistance. Join our lab and become part of a dynamic research environment where your expertise can make a significant difference. We are committed to fostering innovation and excellence, and we look forward to receiving your application.

HSF fellowship for posdoc
JSPS fellowship for posdoc

We are recruiting highly motivated internship or full-time students with an interest in our research areas. Financial support could be provided for Master's and Ph.D. students.

HBP fellowship for student
JSPS fellowship for student
MEXT scholarship for student

Majors of Kansei,Behavioral, and Brain Sciences
Majors of Medical Sciences

Undergraduate students can join our lab as a special course or internship. If you interested in this course or internship, please send email to Dr. Masanori Sakaguchi from Contact page.
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